Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 10: Switzerland to Austria

Word to the wise: don't pitch a tent in a valley. Last night was the worst night sleep we've had so far.

We didn't get off to a great start when I spilt my wine on sarah, and her sleeping bag, which led her to being a right old grouch. Accidents happen! And in fairness, I had just found out jenson button was back with his girlfriend. He obviously got tired of waiting for me to return.

We wrapped up well in preparation for a cold night, and found out what the hoods on the sleeping bag were for (although cos mine only comes to my armpits, I had to contort myself to pull the drawstrings around my head). Little did we know it would drop to about 3 degrees. I'm sure it didn't rain (cos I was up most of the night trying not to slip into a cold-induced coma) but the inside of the tent was sodden when we woke up. Sarah doesn't have a roll mat either, so she had cold coming from below too. We tossed and turned all night (although in fairness it was more like writhing and flailing around like a dying slug) anticipating the warm Swiss sunrise. It didn't come. Well, night technically did turn into day as the world continues to spin, but it was so bloody overcast there wasn't a chance of even a drop of vitamin D today.

Today was a bit of a none starter for me. I was so tired, and I think I had SAD (that disorder where rainy weather makes you depressed). Sarah took the wheel as we headed for Austria. We were planning on staying at the campsite we'd intended on staying at yesterday but didn't make it in time. We stopped off at a spa on the way (as in the supermarket, not a luxury retreat. We don't have enough money for that. We were robbed, remember) for supplies - crisps, fags, water and caeser salad for lunch. Once again, we went for Italian.

El burros front hoof is still giving her jip. It seems to have a slow puncture so we've had to pump it up again today. If it gets much worse we might have to call the lovely men at Britannia rescue to come find us a new tyre or something.

Sarah drove allll the way to Austria, passing through lichtenstein as I had a wee nap. I was so sleeepy! We arrived at our campsite in good time, which is situated in the middle of nowhere by a lake. It only cost 18 euros, and it looks lovely. I think I like austria. It seems honest and friendly and there are loads of cute farmyard animals scattered around.

The weather all day has been shit. For the first time we've both worn trousers. At one point we even had our car heating on! It been drizzley and overcast and cold. Rubbish! I know all we did was bitch and moan when we were in the middle of the heatwave, but I'd much prefer to be melting than this bag of shit weather.

We're having a chilled out night, with an Italian thrown in there somewhere I'm sure (the food not a gentleman. Sigh) and hopefully might get a bit more sleep now we're no longer in the mountains. If its freezing again, I'm off to sleep in the car.

Its papa levitt's birthday today - the big 50 - but we're horrible daughters that have fucked off to Austria. When we get back we're taking him to see Leeds play, so hopefully that'll redeem us a little bit. Happy birthday papa

Tomorrow - we're off to Germany's black forest. Fingers crossed the weather improves a bit before then!

Miles: 1836
Countries: 6 (sarah would like to point out that she drove through 3 today and 3 yesterday. Clever girl)
In car naps: 1 (score!)
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  1. You're going great guns Levitts, nice one. You'll be glad to know i decided to hoover the living room today, it was getting a bit too hairy, I wasn't going to until I noticed the carpet move then discoved it was actually Chank nestled in amongst her own shedded fur! I'm keeping her well fed with those malty biscuits that break down fur balls to help prevent another 'accident' like the other morning.

    P.S Happy Birthday Steve!