Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day 5: Lake Geneva to Lake Maggorie, Italy

We had a lovely night last night after we set up our tent. We donned our matching polka dot swimwear and went for a swim in Lake Geneva. The water was so blue, and the mountain lined shores looked artificial. Last night I loved Switzerland.

This morning I hated Switzerland. We've been to Paris city centre, on a busy ferry, and to several packed tourist attractions but the time we get robbed is in our sleepy family friendly campsite in Switzerland. Some bastard came into our tent (the inner sanctum bit aswell) and stole our remaining 100 euros out of my purse while we were sleeping. Luckily, they left all my cards and didn't touch the car.

So we sacked off Switzerland as a bad job and drove over the Alps into Italy. Every night since we've been away we've ended up having pasta or pizza for tea anyway (cos they're cheap), so we were uber excited for our campsite by Lake Maggorie. It was Sarah's turn to drive today to make up for my uber stint yesterday. Driving in temperatures of 40 degrees+ wasn't so much fun mind, but the roads here are amazing and the views are unreal.

By the afternoon I was back in love with Switzerland. We drove along the Simplonpass (if that's a real thing), along mountain roads into northern Italy. Photos will come later.

Despite what the name of this blog suggests, we didn't get lost once on the way, and checked into our campsite before 3. Unfortunately our spot is a little bald, so that'll make for an even more uncomfortable nights sleep.

Just been for a swim/sunbathe next to the lake, and are popping to the cheap Italian on site to get tea.

Next stop: Venice!

Miles: 1113
Monies pinched: 100 euros
Countries: 4

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  1. lesson learnt today - keep purse under pillow!!