Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day one: York to Calais

After 3 attempts at setting off (after forgetting jumpers, and the bloody road map), armed with far too many pastry goods than is healthy, we left sunny york.

Altogether it took us about 6 hours to drive to Dover, despite the 90 minute queues on the M25. A cheeky thrill of a naked man in a van got us through it mind! Sarah tricked me into driving with promise of being able to drive through the Dartford Tunnel. Bitch lied. I had to drive over the bridge at 1mph.

Turns out Dover is a bit of a dump! The cliffs were disappointingly grey too.

Calais, on the other hand, is like a scene from 28 days later. We decided to drive around a bit and look for wine, cos we got lost within a minute of leaving the port. We saw, like, 2 cars and a man walking his dog in the 30 minutes we were driving. We saw a Lidl - it was closed. We saw an aldi - it was closed. We saw BP - it was closed. We saw Shell - it was closed. Turns out Calais isn't bangin' on a Saturday night. And it smells of egg.

Next stop - Paris!

Miles: 314
Countries: 2
Arguments: 0
Laughing fits till a little bit of wee came out: 3
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