Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 12: Germany to Luxembourg

I forgot to mention another reason why we love Germany. It was warm! For the first time in 2 days last night we donned skirts for tea. It was a mild day, with a few showers, but by 2/3ish there were blue skies and our good old friend vitamin D was once again nourishing our skin.

Since it looked like it was going to be a mild night, I demanded sarah let me sleep in her luxury sleeping bag. It was luxury as well! Its at least a foot and a half longer than I am, and super toasty. Like being in a massive duvet. Sarah wasn't too happy mind.

This morning upon waking, sarah was in a foul mood. She didn't sleep well, and now has a bit of a cold. Plus, it had started raining again. She was not happy. We has showers, then jumped in the car to go to Luxembourg. I drove, cos sarah wasn't feeling good. We had a difference of opinion (argument) as to which roads to take. I wanted to take the back roads, cos that was the whole point in the trip - to see the country. Sarah wanted to take the toll roads cos she wanted to go to sleep and couldn't be bothered to navigate. We flipped a coin - toll roads it was. At least it kept her quiet while she was throwing a strop (which lasted alllll day).

The heavens opened again, which made driving the loooonng motorways even more annoying. We drove into Luxembourg city centre cos we wanted to see the aviva building (cos we're cool like that). After 2 loops round the city, and GPS navigation of the building we were supposed to be looking for, we still couldn't find it. So we gave up and headed north to find a campsite.

It keeps raining every morning, but once we've driven about 100 miles its lovely again. We must keep escaping the rain clouds.

Sarah took a wrong turn off a main road, which turned out to be one of the best things she could have done cos it lead us to the minor roads through lots of little towns and villages. Turns out, Luxembourg has some really nice towns. They have a mixture of old architecture, castles, churches and stately houses, and really modern houses (which are all painted various different colours), cool looking buildings and modern pubs.

We aimed for this campsite cos sarah liked the idea of it being family run by 2 brothers. The old guy in reception (brother 1) was lovely! He spoke really good English, and had a good bit of banter about him. Plus, the restaurant looks like good hearty German food (cooked by brother 2) which we're all over right now!

Tonight I'm claiming the good sleeping bag again. I had like, 8 frigging nights of the shit one! Its well overdue.

Tomorrow we're heading into Belgium for our final night camping. To be honest, I've got used to the hard ground, broken sleep and either arctic or saharan temperatures. I might get withdrawal symptoms when I come back, and have to sleep on my roll mat at the bottom of the bed.

Miles: 2288
Countries: 8
Arguments: many many small bickering sessions. You'd have thought we'd been in each others company for nearly 2 weeks or something.
German meals: 3!!! (Not today, overall....)
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