Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 7: Venice!

The past few nights we've been camping its started to cool down about 11 and then got pretty chilly at 2/3. Not in Venice. I swear it stayed well into the 30s all night! I opened the fly net and slept with my head half out of the tent, but didn't want to leave it open too long in case I woke up to find sarah purged of all her blood by mosquitoes.

After the little sleep I got, and the extreme sun stroke I was suffering with (although sarah says I was just being grouchy), we spent most of the morning lounging by the tent, napping and reading, before having another warm soft cheese slice of bread, and one covered in jam.

Sarah is the clumsiest oaf I've ever met. She has no idea where she's putting her feet whether it be on me, or on my bloody sunglasses! Now I have to wear a baby pink pair which I look a right knob in.

We decided to drive to Venice instead of dicking about getting different buses. The parking was pretty expensive and the water bus thing wasn't cheap either, but it meant we got a mini tour straight through Venice on the grand canal. Venice was exactly what I expected. Tiny little streets sided by a mixture of crappy tourist shops selling masks (?!), delicious smelling restaurants, little boutiques and major fashion shops. We got lost within 2 minutes of getting off the boat/bus as every street seemed to look the same. You could spend hours walking through the streets. We stopped off for a limone gellati, mainly cos it was so warm I felt like my insides were going to boil.

Mum: don't even go to Venice. You'll love the little streets which are like miles and miles of The Shambles, but if you want to get anywhere it has to be by water (water bus, water taxi, gondola). And even if you're walking, you have to cross bridges over the canals which means walking up and down a million steps. This is not a mum friendly city.

We discovered today that this is the furthest west we've ever been, and we bloody well drove here! (Unless you count Malta...which I think is near turkey...but for the sake of our own sense of triumph, let's pretend we never went there)

We got back to camp in good time, so we had chance to have another swim and a jacuzzi before we head back west tomorrow. We were only at the pool about half an hour before the unthinkable happened. The clouds covered the sun. And it started to rain. Then it started to thunder. Then in rained lots more.

Sitting in a muggy tent doesn't quite match up to sunbathing by a pool. However. We always look on the bright side of life - the tent is long as you don't touch the sides!

Sarah had her 3rd Diavlo pizza in a row tonight. I think she might get withdrawal symptoms as we head out of Italy. Although we're both pretty gutted to be heading back on the homeward journey.

Tomorrow: go west! Dunno where, somewhere near a lake!

Miles: 1376
Thunderstorms: 1
Mosquito bites: too many to count (on sarah, I have 6. WIN)
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  1. Mum - Boats, Steps - Don't know what you mean, I think you are just mean!!!!!