Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 3: paris!

"Someday we're going to live....in Paris"

Love love love love Paris! Despite the tropical temperatures, extortionate prices and massive queues, Paris is my favourite.

We got the metro into town early (10am) this morning and headed towards the Louvre. The weather was swealteringly warm. Of course we walked the wrong direction up the Rue De Louvre, so the 5 minute walk took 20.

The lourve was free for under 25s, which was a cheeky win, and the queues weren't too bad. Art connoisseurs that we are, we got bored of looking at sculptures (although we did take time out to take photos of the dirty or special looking ones) and headed straight for the Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa. Both of which were swarmed with ignorant sweaty tourists, which unfortunately had arm pits Katie's nostril height.

Couple of snaps later, we broke free of the Lourve, which was essentially a fucking green house, and searched for lunch. Even the Irish bar was charging 10 euros for a beer, so we had a (massive) panini, and a bargain 3 euro beer in one of the gardens.

At 1.30 we decided we should be real tourists and jump on one of the tour buses. That, and our next destination, the Eiffel Tower was like, 4kms away.
It turned out to be one of Sarah's better ideas, cos no way would we have been to able to see so much in a day. Paris is bloody beautiful, and the architecture is amazing. We took a million photos of loads of impressive buildings (none of which we can remember what they are) and got to do a loop around the Arc de Triumph, which is good cos I've well chickened out of the idea of doing it myself!

After an hour or two on top of the bus with no shade, I come out looking like a lobster. A hot lobster. This right put me in the mood for the several snaking queues we had to join to get to the top of the blackpool ....sorry, Eiffel tower. 2nd cheeky win of the day, under 24s could go to the top for 11 euros. Photos from the top to follow.

After all that excitement, we got a 4 euro Mr whippy and are currently lounging/ napping in the park at the bottom of the tower. At some point we will go home.

...We did go home eventually, and got a 2 euro bottle of wine for the hotel. Between us, we have experienced the metro, rush hour tube, and tram but nothing compares to the Paris metro. 50 bodies is 40 degree heat, compacted in a 3m by 3m box. Horrendous. And then someone brought a bloody bike on!

Plan for tomorrow: head east and hopefully hit Geneva

Miles: 0 by car, 1,000,000 (approx) by foot/bus/metro
Countries: 2
Bottles of water consumed: 7
Wees had: 1 (the excess liquid deposited through sweating)

Disclaimer: this blog was created to keep mum and dad up to date without constant phone calls. Apologies if its a bit precise and dull!
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