Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day 13 Luxembourg to Belgium, via the Netherlands

One again, we woke up to the all too familiar patter of rain on our tent. Great start to the day.

It got even better, when we had to queue for 20 minutes to share a shower cubicle, which was essentially a trickle of water along the tiled shower. You can't afford to be bashful in these difficult times. Although, admittedly, the whole sanitary block was amazing. Looked like a temple or something.

As soon as we started taking the tent down the patter of rain turned into a lashing. We quickly bundled everything in the car, said cheerio to the fellas in reception and headed for sunny Belgium. This bundling may have been a bad idea, as my CD changer is now on the blink.

With sarah driving, we headed to Belgium to our camp site on the north coast. Belgium has turned out to be a massive web of motorways, its actually pretty difficult trying to find minor roads. The entire trip I've been after a McDonald's, and today was my lucky day. Belgium came through and gave me a royal with cheese (quarter pounder). The menu was in English and everything, which meant I could give babelfish a rest for 1 meal time.

When in McDonald's, the following conversation occurred...

Katie: they tend to have Mayo and chips over here rather than ketchup

Sarah: that's cos they've got so many cows

Katie: so?

Sarah: they've got milk coming out of their eyeballs...

Katie: ......Mayo is made from eggs....

Sarah: oh yeah

Summery: sarah is a dick.

After McDonald's we were only a couple of Kms from the border with the Netherlands, so we decided to pop in. We can now say we've driven through 10 countries in 13 days! Compared to the well kept roads of Luxembourg and the Netherlands, Belgium's roads are a fucking state. At the Luxembourg/Belgian border there is a very distinct line when the luxembourgian road layers have gone "fuck it, we're reached Belgium, we aren't laying anymore", which is where a smooth well painted road turns into little more than a dirt track.

The sun poked his little head out of the clouds at lunch, and its been going great guns ever since. We even had a chance to top up our tans once we'd pitched up. This campsite is massive, and really commercial. Its like Haven holidays for Belgians! And at €20 its a frigging steal!

Tomorrow: we're only about 100km from Calais, so we're going to have an easy day hunting down duty free, before finding the hotel in Calais we first stayed in all those weeks ago.

Since I'm writing this blog, I've been neglecting all of Sarah's main concerns, stories and anecdotes. How selfish of me. So here's a corker for you.... Sarah fell down the stairs at the Luxembourg services yesterday. By "fell" she means she actually had a small tumble in what was the slowest falling down of stairs I've ever seen in my life! But they were steep, it was busy, and she's now bruised and has a broken toe, apparently. After she fell, she turned to me and looked how a little girl who has just fallen down and scrubbed her knee would look at her mum, expecting hugs, sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. I laughed in her face.

Miles: 2503
Countries: 10!!!!!
Times we (sarah) has pumped up el burros tyre: too many. Maybe 5 or 6
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  1. The Macca Dees conversation kinda resembles the one in Pulp Fiction with Kate played by Samuel Jackson and the dum one being John Travolta/Sarah...whadda they call a Whopper :-))