Sunday, 11 July 2010

One week today...

We'll be in France!

With one week still to go, the current plan is mapped out by this very poor quality photo.

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On saturday, we're driving down to Dover to get the ferry to Calais where we're staying overnight. Sunday morning, we're heading into Paris for 2 nights before the hardcore camping begins!

The plan after paris...

* visit Annecy
* head towards Geneva
* chill out around Lake Geneva for ? days
* drive east into Italy
* head towards venice in a few nights as possible
* stay in Venice for 1-2 nights in a hostel
* drive back North West through Lichtenstein and Switzerland (Zurich)
* cut through Germany's Black Forest to Strasbourg
* drive through Luxemberg and Belgium
* drive back to Calais for the last night, possibly though Lille

14 Days. 8 Countries. £1200. Seat Ibiza.

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