Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 11: austria to germany

So lots of bad things happened today/yesterday.

Firstly, the mileage counter appears to have reset itself after 2000 miles, so we're not going to be able to have that final image of how many miles we've driven at the end of our travels. *sad face*

Secondly, last night noah decided to have his second coming without telling anyone. The heavens opened and it fucking poured down all bloody night! The wind was up too, meaning tent rule 101 (when raining, DON'T touch the side of the tent) was unavoidable because the sides became convex-ed (not to mention the fact sarah takes up a good 2/3s of the tent anyway. At one point she rolled onto my face!)

Thirdly, the fucker next door decided to do an impression of a hog all evening. Seriously, I don't think I've ever heard snoring as loud, and I was wearing earplugs!

Lastly, but probably most importantly, at some point in the previous 24 hours my left buttock was subjected to either a swarm of mosquitoes, a heard of skin eating ants or a horrendous flesh eating bacteria. My left buttock is now half falling off. The other half is so swollen, bitten and blotchy that its painful to sit on the toilet. Not to mention the itching. I'd post a photo but it would be vomit inducing.

However, we're very positive people, and a number of good thing happened too.

Firstly, the campsite turned out to be lovely! The people were really friendly. The waitress explained everything on the menu to us cos it was in German and the guy from reception walked the mile to the toilet block, in torrential rain, without an umbrella, just cos sarah couldn't work out how to work the key card system. Mong.

Secondly, we did the unthinkable. We didn't think it would happen. Nobody could see it coming. You could say it came out of nowhere.....we didn't have Italian food for tea! We had authentic Austrian/German fare of pork steak, chips, green beans, some sexy butter and a spicy curry sauce thing. Delicious! After of salad for lunch, we feel positively healthy.

Thirdly, our new campsite is also a dream! The people her are uber (one of the few German words I know) friendly, and its cheap.

Finally, and again probably most importantly, we love Germany! The countryside it lovely, and the towns we drove through were quaint and really sweet. (We did spend about an hour looking for a cash mash again, but shh). We based our route on driving through a place called 'titisee' (absolute mega lols to be had there). When I said it was like Lake Titicaca, sarah mistook me for Lake "Titi-Car Park"! She'd never heard of the real lake, apparently. Ha! Phil will be glad to know we made it here, and we love it despite our earlier reservations. He was right, we were wrong, what of it?!

We made a mega mistake though. Throughout our travels we've noticed an abundance of sweetcorn farms. If only we'd have brought a stove, we would have been set for food the whole time! Although I don't fancy thinking about the aftermath of all that corn....

We had a fully fledged German tea tonight too. Pork escalope with chips and salad (with a distinctly gherkiny dressing). Absolutely delicious! 2 bits of pork and about a million chips (with seasoned salt!!!!) All for 9 euros! Frigging steal! And the bartender loved the fact we ordered large beers. I think we're more at home here than anywhere else. We stopped at a Lidl on the way and got some more wine in a carton and lemonade (tastes like sangria...kinda), and some screw top plastic beers! For 1 euro 50! God, we love Germany (and lidl...)

Tomorrow: Luxembourg! Hopefully via a non restricted autobahn...hehehehe

Miles: 2048
Authentic meals (I.e not Italian): 2!!!!
Screwtop, plastic beers for €1.50: 6!!!!!!
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