Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 4: Paris to Morges, Switzerland

With over 500Km to drive today we got an early start (after getting a couple of croissants). Today was spent driving driving driving through eastern France, through Geneva (unintentionally)to our campsite in Morges.

Sarah drove the first leg out of Paris for approx 144 miles, until we needed to stop for fuel, then I tool the wheel. Cos we had to keep on truckin' we just ate our 3 day old Ginsters on the way. We'll see if this was a good idea in 6-8 hours

We drove on some amazing roads towards Switzerland, over and through the Alps. But the best bit, a highlight of the entire trip, was driving through the tunnel under Mt Blanc (I think, there were bloody loads of hills). I frigging love driving through a tunnel! We also passed the 800.8 miles mark (lol). Photos to follow.

Unfortunately my massive high was soon shat on as soon as we got into Switzerland. Buying the vinaigrette (or whatever its called) was stressful and lead sarah to directing me the wrong way into Geneva city centre! With no idea where we were going, sarah's frankly shocking sense of direction and navigational skills, and heat rising past 40 degrees I thought I was going to have a stroke (not to mention the fact I'd already driven over 250 miles!!)

The art of following the car in front paid off as we found ourselves back on track for the campsite. First campsite we came to had a spot, so we set up camp for 30 quid. It also had a restaurant, swimming pool and a can of beer for a quid! (The beer actually came from the town where we stopped for the first time in France, where we had espressos)

Lessons learnt so far...
1. Sarah is shit at giving directions
2. Katie can't tell where traffic lights are
3. French people appear to have never seen a ginger person before. Lots of staring. Either that or they're not used to my beauty.
4. Driving, walking, moving, sleeping etc in heats exceeding 30 degrees makes me want to die.
5. Lots of high speed (but not too high speed mum, don't worry) driving means we now have a bug morgue on our wind screen. Gross.

Miles: 931
Countries: 3
Arguments: 1 (massive one when sarah sent me through fucking Geneva!)
Swims: 1
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  1. You have quite a following at work, everyone is finding this hillarious! Keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves XXX

  2. This is my first experience of reading a proper blog and I agree, very funny, me and Chank have been laughing (and purring) out loud lots, especially at the remarks about Sarah's directional sense and navigational skills, I can concur that they are indeed awful! You can reassure yourself though that me and Spanky are co-habiting together just fine and have already got back into the old swing of cream sofa Chanks, leather couch mine!