Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 2 Calais to Paris

This morning it was my (Katie) turn to drive. as it turns out, driving on the right isn't as tough as I thought it would be. I did accidentally turn down the wrong lane, and ran a red light at a pretty busy crossroad, but nobody died. 

The aim was to head west along the coast and then down into Paris but, once again, within 2 minutes of setting off we got lost and ended up driving east towards Lille. We drove through some beautiful little towns and villages,  stopping at a Sunday Market, and grabbing a couple of espressos, cos we're sophisticated like that. 

By 1 I was tired of driving and hungry for my day old prawn pasta salad, which shockingly turned out to be rancid after 24 hours in the cool bag, so we stopped at a public garden in a little village for a picnic. I selected a sunny spot to sit in, which incidentally turned out to be on top of a bastard bee, which stung my fucking arse! I now have a swollen and numb right cheek. 

Due to extreme injury, Sarah took the wheel for the drive into Paris. Although this did mean that we had to do 3 U-turns cos she kept missing the same bloody junction! We were about a million miles away at 1:30 so we took the tolled motorways which was dull, warm and expensive but fast.  We're so hardcore we didn't even stop for a toilet break and instead had a cheeky squat in a wood. Chain smoking Sarah almost had a hernia driving into Paris city centre, although my calm and relaxing navigational skills got us through the tough times! 

Our hotel is well swish, and only a second away from the metro. I know this because the windows rattle every 10 minutes as as train goes by! We're having a quick glass of FRENCH wine in the room before finding somewhere for tea. 

Plan for tomorrow - hit paris and rape every tourist attraction in sight

Miles: 541
Countries: 2
Arguments: 1 small tiff
Laughing fits: 7 although most can be contributed to the bee incident

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