Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lake Maggiore to Venice!

Sine our robbery in Switzerland, we were left with no cash. This is why we spent 90 minutes last night driving around northern Italy looking for a cash mash in order to pay for our tea at the campsite. Apparently Italians don't agree with payment via Visa, or have banks.

The camp site yesterday was lovely, apart from the fact you were only allowed a 4 minute shower, there was no toilet roll and the toilet seat consisted of a hole in the floor.

At night time I once again hated Switzerland. No amount of beautiful scenery, or fun roads can make up for the fact we were sold half a frigging pack of cards. Apparently the Swiss don't play with numbers 1 to 5. Robbing bastards.

We popped to the supermarket before we set off this morning. Turns out the only things you can buy that don't need cooking or refrigerating are bread, crisps and jam. Guess what we're having for tea?!

Sarah tricked me into believing we had ages to drive, so we spent 4 hours on the worst motorway in Europe. We had no idea what the speed limit was. Somewhere between 60km/h (which seemed far too slow) or 200km/h...ish (which El Burro can't reach anyway). But we got to the camp site in good time with minimal fuss.

None of you sceptics thought we could do it, but we have driven over 1000 miles to our most eastern destination - Venice. Screw you all.

At the camp site we could choose our own spot amongst the trees. Past experience taught us to look for maximum grass and minimum ants. Sleeping on the hard ground night after night is doing my back in. I'm not as hardcore as sarah who sleeps with just a (plush) sleeping bag. Last night I slept on top of a roll mat, towel and sleeping bag, wearing many many layers. I can't justify getting into my sleeping bag when I require it for bedding), and I'm still going to need a spine readjustment when I get back.

After sorting our tent and having half a slice of crusty bread topped with melted butter and warm soft cheese we spent the afternoon reading by the pool. Felt very much like we were on a package holiday, but at least there quite a few British people here and more travellers.

Sarah got lucky this afternoon. These Italian creatures seem to have taken a shine to her. She has, with no exaggeration, 50 mosquito bites. Lucky sod.

Tomorrow: heading into Venice city centre!

Miles: 1350
Games of cards payed: 0
Collective mosquito bites: 55
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